New Kids in the Yard

Photos and video here
The other day, JoAnna and I rescued 2 newborn goat kids when their mama headed back to the barn for the night and left them right next to our house. They might have survived the night on their own, but we called Bobby the goat guy who came and brought them to the goat barn on his side of the fence. First-time goat mamas aren't so good at first, so he says. We are hoping to see them again soon, munching on what grows here in the fields.

Ears To You

These little ears are the first pick from the garden. They're small, and I'm just 10 minutes away from eating them, so I'll let you know how they taste.

The seeds we planted were provided as a free sample from Heirloom Acres Seeds. It was said to be 65-day corn, so I picked it on day 66. I'm going to leave the other ears on the stalks for a while to see if they end up larger than these first two. And that's a sunflower grown from seed, too.

Happy Harvesting!

Goat Video

This video didn't capture the sound of their slow trampling of the brittle twigs snapping under their goat feet. It sounds exactly like a crackling fire!

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