Help me win?

Hello from rainy Prospect, TN!

Although we're happy to have the rain for our fruit trees and flowers, I'd rather be out pulling weeds and prepping our garden plot while it's cool and the bugs are still asleep. Once they wake up and the humidity climbs, it gets pretty uncomfortable out there.

I'm writing to ask for a minute of your time. I've entered a contest: Would you please vote for my entry? I'd really appreciate it!

just go to the following website, select "B" for my entry and click on VOTE.
Red White & Food Blog

The prize is $150 to the grocery store of my choice. I plan to use the prize to get more organic gardening supplies so Kelly and I can continue improving our homestead.

The contest ends on Monday at NOON, and there are only two entrants: me & another girl, so my chances are good!

it will take LESS THAN A MINUTE and you don't even have to register or give your e-mail address.

I'm only ahead by a few percent right now, and your vote will really help!


P. S. If you're not already receiving this blog's update emails, please send me a note by e-mail (click on this link) and I'll add you to the list. (s-u-b-s-c-r-i-b-e@M-o-c-k-i-n-g-b-i-r-d-A-c-r-e-s.c-o-m)


MINT said...

you're quite ahead already.

JoAnna said...

yay! that means my friends & family are coming through for me! The other person works in an office, so she might have a last-minute rush of co-worker votes that I can't accommodate. It's a silly thing, this contest, but $150 will pay for a LOT of seeds, supplies & bean innoculant!