Grillin' and Hangin' Out

I spent Sunday on a couple of simple projects. When we had our favorite HVAC guy over to install the gas line for the propane heater, we also had a line run out to the spot under the deck where we could eventually feed it up to the grill. After drilling a hole in the deck for the gas line, I wheeled the grill into place and made all of the connections. After testing for leaks, I fired it up and it worked great. Inspired by the strangely wonderful smell of a hot grill, I convinced JoAnna that we should abandon the dinner plan for Shepherds Pie, and instead, GRILL OUT! The burgers were nothing short of amazing, with the seasonings that JoAnna uses making us both want to eat more than we should.

A few months ago when the weather was cold, we built a bluebird house and a bat house. The bird house has been mounted to a tree just outside our living room window for at least a month, but has yet to be claimed by a bird. The bat house was mounted yesterday, 12 feet up on a tree.

To understand the scale, the house is 18" W x 24" H. I painted the image of a bat on the front. We saw many bats cruising through the open area in front of the house last summer, so we hope to encourage a colony to eat locally (they eat a lot of flying bugs).

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