bats and collard greens

Kelly and I went to the center of the universe Walmart & Home Depot last night to get some groceries, and supplies for building birdhouses and bat houses. We spent the afternoon measuring the cuts and deciphering the instructions for the bat-house. Later, he wielded the power tools, and I had flashbacks to the days where my sole reason for existence was to be a Human C-Clamp. I got a lot of sawdust on my hoodie, but only a little in my lip gloss. I guess I'm getting better.

While he did more cutting, I looked for a good recipe for some collard greens we bought. I remember making something wonderful called "Cuban Green Soup" for one of my clients in Los Angeles, but I didn't have the recipe on my computer. I googled for it, and found it, but it looked ...wrong... So I kept looking. It appears like there is only ONE recipe out there, and it got on every recipe website that there ever was. It calls for hardly any greens, FIVE CANS OF BEANS, and it supposed to have 8 servings. Not to mention it didn't call for anything that added flavor besides the salt pork. I was so disappointed that I made my own recipe up. Kelly had 2nds, and so did I, so I guess it worked out. Here it is: I'm going to link to it here as
Cuban Green Soup even though it's probably not all that Cuban, but maybe someone will find it when they're looking for Cuban Green Soup recipe, and think that a few extra steps might be worth the significantly improved flavor over what the other recipes offer - which amounts to hot, wet greens and a smidge of pork fat. <SHIVERS> YICK </SHIVERS>

There's still enough left over for us to have more later this week, so I'm anticipating it to be even tastier, as happens with all soups, stews and pot roasts.

So now, while I was typing up that recipe, Kelly's been constructing the bat-house.
    In the dining room.
       Using power tools
          On "my" gorgeous, new dining room table.
I'm trying not to freak out.

Today I learned: No wonder some people think they're horrible cooks, because other people write up horrible recipes, and the people who go to make them think they're going to work out well.

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