Stella Fish Fry - Prospect, TN in Giles County

The Stella Fish Fry is coming soon!

This year's big social gathering is taking place on Sept 25th. I imagine the prices will be about the same, ($9/plate) but I didn't find anything online. That's why I'm posting this.

Last year, it was being held at the church on Stella Road. If you don't know where that is, the general address is 4733 Stella Road, Prospect, TN, 38477 Look it up in advance, because I can't promise that your GPS will work out here, Also, here's a link for the google map: Stella Fish Fry

From what I understand, it's being organized by Cindy Barnes (Phone: 931-363-3957) She & her husband Tracy own the LAZY ELK CANOE AND KAYAK RENTALS

Volunteers for the fish fry are always needed, so give her a ring if you want to be helpful.

If you're planning on going, drop me a line* let me know!

*fish pun, if you want it to be. haha!

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