♬ How ya gonna get her ♬ back on the farm ♬ Now that she's seen ell layyyyyyyy!

I've been in Los Angeles this week, and we go back home in two short days. It's been awesome to catch up with so many friends during this visit, and the weather couldn't be more beautiful!

There's been a lot of travel over the past few months, and more to come. (It would be awesome if you didn't rob us before we get back, but if you must, can you please water my flowers?)

Today I learned: It's nice to leave the kitchen you've cooked in cleaner than when you arrived, but it's especially important when the client hasn't yet cut your check.

under the house

We hired a guy to do some work around the house, and while he was working in the crawlspace on the "secure the perimeter" task, he noticed a wet spot on the underside of the subfloor. I went under to check it out, and figured that the chest freezer in the kitchen - which sits flat on the floor - was transferring its coldness to the floor. The moisture in the crawlspace was condensing on the area, and would have been a problem if it weren't remedied soon enough. A block of wood under each corner of the freezer should do the trick. We'll find out tomorrow when I go down under for a re-inspection.

Today I learned: that it is important to frequently inspect the crawlspace for weirdness, at least once per season.