Fowl Update

Back at the end of May / early June, we took a trip that lasted over 2 weeks. When we returned home, there were no more chickens free-ranging. We suspect that owls got them judging by the evidence. We really enjoyed having chickens around. They were a frequent source of entertainment, not to mention the bonus of fresh eggs. We had started with 10 birds, and one by one, nature took them back into the circle of life. But it wasn't always fun and games. When the stairs and landing were finally built up to the bedroom door (which is a full-glass door), Mr. Rooster took advantage and made a point to climb up there at first light to crow, letting me know it was time to feed him and his harem. Yeah, that got old fast. And 4 chickens making their rounds on the deck/porch all day resulted in the additional chore of removing their messes often. So, if you're thinking of starting with some chickens, think twice.

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