Preparing for the people

Many projects have been completed over the past weeks since returning from the Las Vegas NAB convention trip. We had set our sights on having the house - inside and out - ready for guests by May 1st, our planned open house get-together date. We wrote a to-do list and then I scheduled tasks to the available time slots. We managed to plant a flower garden in the corner space created by the deck, which turned out really nice. JoAnna designed the layout and selected the foliage, most of which turned out to be not delicious for chickens. Note: Chickens enjoy eating azalea flowers. I ordered a load of topsoil which was dumped in the corner space, and then a short time later, Freddie Byrd came by to distribute the dirt via Bobcat. He also dug 4 holes with the 24" auger - one for the pear tree that never took root from last year, and 3 for some Pawpaw trees.

We also finally got to fixing up the greenhouse. We cleaned it out, removed the old battens that had been holding the plastic on, stretched the new official greenhouse plastic over the frame, and re-installed the solar-powered attic fan. Again, this year we are getting a late start on starting the garden, but I'm sure we'll have squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and melons ready by July.

Inside the house, there were a number of items on the list that needed done:

paint the interior doors
spackle the nail holes in all trim*
paint window frames
touch-up wall paint
install doorknobs on master bath door
prep and stain french doors
install french door knobs

* JoAnna found that a certain offset spatula that is supposed to be used for baking worked quite well for applying spackle. I tried it out, and it is true. Don't worry, it is stainless steel, so no need for concern. It cleaned up perfectly.

Most of the invitations went out to people who have worked on part of the construction, and the rest went to friends and neighbors. The turn out was pretty good, despite the tornado watches and flash flood warnings.

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glidnby said...

Hi Kelly - It is very obvious that I should be helping you in the garden. I am sure I would enjoy it much more than what I am doing at this moment.
Congratulations - the place looks great!