Super Chicken and Wonder Dog

Someone needs to tell one of our chickens that it's not egg-laying season yet. I went out to clean their house this afternoon, and I found 5 eggs in there. At first I suspected that JoAnna had placed the eggs in there as a joke on me, but that was not the case. The important thing now is to determine which of the hens is the productive one, and once the rooster starts getting frisky, try to collect her eggs and hatch them. This way, we'll be promoting the proliferation of those genes on the farm. I'm hoping the Dominecker is the hen with the special abilities, because she was the one to lay the latest as winter approached. She is also the one that was seen chasing down and eating a mouse, as well as a baby turtle just last week (I missed that event, but JoAnna witnessed it). It's all about breeding the best down on the farm.

We have been recently enjoying some locally-raised pastured goat meat. Even though our next-field-neighbor Bobby has goats and sheep on his land, we found a farmer in Franklin who had goat meat for sale, as well as other wholesome products. His name is Freddie Haddox. We drove to his place, dodging Berkshire piggies on the way up his driveway. He sold us a 7-pound cut of goat and gave us a bunch of samples of other products he had in his many freezers. We also paid for some Amish butter. So far, we have been enjoying the goat in Greek-style dishes. The flavor is much like lamb, and we both are looking forward to getting a whole goat soon. Someday, we'll try to raise a few on our own. We'll see if I'll have the heart to kill one of our own when the time comes, though they are quite tasty... Maybe if I name them Gyro, Stewie, etc...

Trixie the dog has been around again. She was away when we returned from our trip to Los Angeles back in mid-December, and she finally showed up again 2 weeks ago. She looked like someone had been feeding her well, maybe too well. She couln't race up the driveway like she used to, what with the extra pounds on her little body. We have been taking her in on the cold nights, and feeding her along with our own pups. I'm ever grateful that she is out on patrol; just last week she exterminated another possum. I arrived on the scene just after the fight to find her looking over the dead rat like she was thinking, "Is that all you got, Rat?" JoAnna told me that she was barking the other night from our doorstep where she sleeps a lot. When JoAnna turned on the light and looked out she saw what looked like the tail of a larger dog disappearing into the trees. Who knows what other trouble Trixie has diverted for us. We still have 7 chickens, and I attribute that number to Trixie's presence.

We went into Nashville last week to celebrate JoAnna's birthday by seeing the 3D version of Avatar followed by dinner at a nice restaurant. We both enjoyed the film, but agreed that it was mostly due to the eye-candy factor. Our dinner did not live up to our expectations, but sometimes that's how it goes. JoAnna is now even more determined to have a restaurant of her own. That's what we worked on today - talking about how we will move forward on this project, and figuring out the budget and timelines for expanding our empire. It's looking like the restaurant may be open for business as soon as mid-April. We're planning an open house event for that time, so schedule your vacation time now!

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