2010... GO!

We're all fine, especially after I put a small space heater in the chicken house for night warmth. It was probably near 12 degrees here last night. Our heat pump heater runs pretty much all night, and I'm forecasting a hefty electric bill for January. Probably up around $180, with $40 being the minimum/April-typical bill.

So, I went to see a guy about an outdoor wood furnace. The smallest model is an all stainless steel unit that is set up 60feet from the house and circulates hot water to a coil at the front-line of the ducting. It would be great if we were in Alaska and needed 10 months of heat, but not worth $7600 to us. That's a lot of electricity or propane. For now, I'll probably just buy a propane heater for emergencies like an ice storm that knocks out power.

Our new year's eve celebration included watching a scary movie (Cloverfield) at home, which we paused at the stroke of midnight just to hear if the folks around here shoot off their guns and such. But it was silent.

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