A pox on everyone who sings "LET IT SNOW"

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Celebrating xmas in Chicago this year. We drove up, eating at Amerigo's in West End (I won a gift certificate on Twitter!) and then driving up towards Seymour, IN to spend the night at a canine-welcoming Motel 6 since the dogs came with us.  In the morning, we progressed towards Chicago, stopping for a brief visit with Kelly's Auntie Norma (at the residence of cousins Brian & Jan) in Indiana on the way.

Staying at his parents' home is very comfortable. Kelly and I sleep in his old room when we're here, and I pretty much get to cook whatever I want! *grin*  In fact, since Kelly's birthday was Tuesday, he asked for a tagine with couscous, and I made that for dinner on our second night here.

There was a "girls-only" dinner at Bonfire, a local restaurant, which included all the female mothers, aunts, cousins, sisters, etc.  The place lived up to it's poor ratings on Yelp: the French onion soup tasted like sucking on a Wyler's bouillon cube, a few people had the perch said it was so riddled with fine bones they couldn't eat it. Those who got the cedar planked salmon liked what they ordered.  I didn't find anything that looked interesting so i ordered an appetizer of calamari as my entrée. (pre-frozen, pre-battered, deep-fried...how could they screw that up?)  thfbbbbt!    The server, however, was wonderful, and if i lived here, I'd have happily invited her to work for me.

So, for those of you who want to know the latest progress on the Bed & Bistro...

I've been fluctuating between "i can't wait to get this started!" to "phooey let's scrap the whole thing".

At this particular moment, i'm in the fugheddaboudit stage.  To build the first cottage will be exactly like building the house: pour more concrete, put in a new post foundation, dig for & install a new septic tank, run electricity to it (new pole), run water to it (new meter), install plumbing, roofing, etc., etc.

Kelly is suggesting that we put it on the farthest, most remote corner of our property, which means that everything's got to be run out there 'from scratch' just as we did for the house, so the expenses are going to be comparable to what we spent on the house.  We don't have the financial resources to build another house, and seeing as how we don't have any mortgage on our current house, I certainly don't want to take out such a large loan for an endeavor that may-or-may-not be a profit-making business.

As far as the restaurant part is concerned, we can't make our home be a legal restaurant, as our current septic tank wasn't approved for a business. I thought I might do an occasional underground restaurant, but I don't think that it would be worth getting in trouble with local authorities, or risking fines and (gasp) litigation?

Right now, if it's just me, Kelly, the mutts and a few chickens, I guess that would be okay.

Today I learned: I'm becoming extremely sensitive to smells, such that every time I move to a new room, my eyes water, my nose runs, and I have a sneezing fit. Maybe it's being indoors so much?  Maybe I've grown especially accustomed to the exceptionally clean air at home in TN?

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