The grass is greener on the other side of the

hi there!  long time no write.   man, the holidays can really come up fast when you're busy.

Kelly had another business trip to Los Angeles, and this time I went with him.  I called "Auntie Rebecca" and kelly and I dropped by on the way to the airport to hand off the doggies. 

Visiting Los Angeles is weird. When I'm at home in my tiny corner of Tennessee, i'm free to idealize and only remember the good parts, like lots of ethnic grocery stores with all kinds of interesting products and lots of fresh, beautiful produce. Every kind of restaurant, of every caliber, within just a few minutes' drive. Friends who used to think nothing of going out on weeknights. Funky, cool shops that offer endless possibilities for browsing. And I miss my friends.

That most recent visit, however, really reinforced of all the negative things that hide in the shadows of the golden glow Los Angeles always has in my minds eye.  The traffic really is unbearable. Finding a parking place can be murder. The constant drone of noise really gets on your nerves...  Instead of the milk of human kindness, it's more like pus:  People revel in their anonymity and think nothing of being selfish, inconsiderate, and even flat-out rude.   Many of my close friends have also moved away from L.A., and the ones who are there still have jobs, and they still have their day-to-day obligations, so they can't hang out all day. Then there's the weird feeling of wanting to contact friends I'd really like to hang out with, but either I've simply lost touch with them (my fault) or we weren't really that close, so it might seem weird to get an out-of-the-blue invitation to coffee or drinks. 

I couldn't wait to get back home, which surprised me a little.

I'm sure all those negative things are in all big cities. The concentration of people must intensify the impact of all those slightly irritating interactions that occur in the average day, when my new status quo has me interacting with only Kelly, the mutts, and the chickens on a day-to-day basis.

When we lived in Littlerock, CA for 2 years, the pace was slower and the people friendlier. I didn't appreciate it then...  nor would i have imagined that I'd be craving it as i do now.

Today I learned:
Change is often unwelcome, even when it's going back to where you were.

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