Not finished yet, but getting closer every day!

We finally got around to installing the flooring tonight.  We got half the dining room done before Kelly passed out.

There are many big changes are afoot, besides the flooring! [insert rimshot here]  Kelly hired Dewaine and Randy, the two guys who did our drywall, to help close in the base of the house.  This will not only help insulate the pipes and ducts, (as well as to keep critters from living under the house) but kelly also had the idea to create some storage between the 6x6 piers by installing suspended floor using joist hangers.  Now he's got a handy little tool shed under the house... essentially free storage.

We've also had a visit from the lovely and talented Tim Harris and his band of merry men (well, Dave's merry, but Danny's just the silent type). They spent Thursday and Friday morning here installing our board-and-batten siding. They've got a couple more days to go.

If you know anyone at OSHA, don't show them this photo.
The color is a vague greenish hue right now, as it's just the natural wood, and it needs to 'cure' in open air for about 6 months before we can stain it.  Kelly joked that Tim has to come back when he's all done and paint LOWE'S all over the sides again, so we'll recognize our house when we come up the driveway.

OOH, speaking of the driveway, we got a whole bunch of new gravel to fill in the ruts left from the big trucks that came to plow down the trees, dig the holes for the pier footings, pour the concrete into those holes, install the septic tank, roof trusses, and everything else.

Finally, if all goes as planned, Terry will be coming over on Monday to install my giant pass-thru cabinet!

Things are FLYING off the to-do list. Can you believe it!?!?!?!?!??!

and speaking of flying...  :-(  we've  had a warm spell since 11/1, which means a new batch of wasps and an enormous hatch of beetles.  They look like ladybugs, of all different patterns of spots. Some are solid orange, but some are so spotted they look completely black.  I asked the woman at the bank how long they last, and she said it's a few weeks before they're all gone.  and then... swear... she was absolutely GLEEFUL when she told me, "...and they BITE!"    delightful.  Since the house hasn't been fully sealed up, as we didn't know if Tim would be removing & replacing the doors in the process of adding the siding, so they manage to get inside. Kelly and I have been taking turns getting rid of them by scooping/flicking them into jars of soapy water.  I really hate bugs... so this is a HUGE deal. Every little tickle i feel on my skin makes me swat at it or flick at it. Creepycrawlies are everywhere.

Also with regard to flying...  tomorrow Kelly leaves for another couple weeks in Los Angeles. I'll be driving him to the airport (90 minutes) then turning around and driving right back home (90 minutes).  That's a lot of driving to go nowhere.  If he had a chauffeured  van, it would cost him $100 each way, but I don't get a cent, nor do i get reimbursed for gas!   :-P  

I've got a few gigs while he's gone, but besides that I'll be working on the website for Mockingbird Acres, creating some more marketing materials for my Personal Chef business and find out if I can get my foot in the door with the Viking school, or teach classes through a store that sells cooking tools & equipment for the at-home gourmet. Maybe I'll spend a little time pursuing partnerships for the restaurant:  I want to go hang out at the feed store and find out who's raising what, and see if they'll sell me some of their locally-raised meat.  It's hard to know if it's too soon to do that, but better sooner than later.

I made some French vanilla ice cream for Kelly tonight, to celebrate the installation of our flooring.  Maybe I'll go wake him up and feed him some... or maybe I'll just have some myself!

Today I learned: when you're making ice cream, a little bit of pink sea salt makes it taste really, really good!

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