mundane but exciting

Kelly and I made a late-evening trip to Home Depot to get a few things, so we could FINISH some of the projects that have been left up-in-the-air.

At this very moment, we're finishing the floor installation in the dining room & bedroom.  Kelly and I started it before his most recent trip to Los Angeles. We got a third of the way done.  Then, I hired Monty Garrett (the boyfriend of Rebecca Wysock of Sunnybook Farms, where we board the dogs when we're away) to come over on Monday, and he spent a day putting in the next third, but we had to stop because we didn't have the t-spacer thingy we needed.  I made a phonecall to Lumber Liquidators to find out why the pieces we ordered (a month ago!) hadn't yet arrived, and a very apologetic woman promised to fedex them from another location.  They arrived the next day -- but Monty was working at his regular gig, and Kelly wouldn't be back to finish. I'm not comfortable with the circular saw, so i didn't want to try and use it without anyone around to call 911.  Taking a short break at the moment, but we'll have the last third finished in a couple hours.

Other projects to be completed today are:
  • install doorknobs for the French doors.  we haven't stained them yet, but those lovely brushed-nickel handles are just sitting on the floor getting in the way.
  • lights to be installed in Cabinetzilla - i cringe when i think about how much the hole-cutting bit and the adaptor thingy that goes in the drill cost, but this is a job that requires the right tools.
  • mount blinds we're able to use the gorgeous (and not exactly inexpensive) blinds that we had purchased and installed in the house we rented in Glendale... knowing that we'd eventually use them in the house we eventually built... and we actually built the house!
  • install "sweep" on guest bath door with hopes that it will increase the sound-insulation of the bathroom from the rest of the house. We've got a double-layer of drywall on that wall, as well as a solid-core door, and this is the final step.
Then we've got two - count 'em, TWO - social engagements tomorrow: one is a meetup with other godless heathens, and after that, dinner with other people we met through another meetup...  Oddly, they lived just a few blocks away from us in Santa Monica, but of course, being Santa Monica, where nobody makes eye contact much less has a conversation, we'd never met them there so we'll meet them here.
We've met more of our neighbors here in Prospect than we EVER did in 14 years of living in Los Angeles county. Let me explain how twisted this is: 
   We moved in here full-time in June. 
   It's November. 
In six months, we've met 8 families in our neighborhood, which exceeds the TOTAL number of neighbors we met in *all* of our Los Angeles residences combined.  ... Yeah.

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