Chicken Survivor

Well, we're down to 7 chickens now. One of the Dominecker hens is MIA. We figure some predatory bird must have taken her during the day. We had noticed that one of the Dominecker hens sometimes wandered off away from the flock, so that probably contributed to her disappearance. We'll miss the eggs, unnamed bird.

Speaking of eggs, our hens have practically stopped producing eggs for the season. We read about the fact that the shorter days would cause the pause in egg production, but it was a more sudden transition than I expected. Within a week, we went from collecting 6-7 eggs per day to 1 per day (and I'm sure that won't last, either). We could add artificial light to the chicken house, which would keep them laying, but it also "burns them out" sooner in their life. This year, I think we'll let them rest over the winter.

This morning at 8:30am, I spotted a deer walking toward the house from the south. It was acting a bit more skittish than most deer we've seen, and that's because it was a buck. It was difficult to see the spike antlers on his head, but once he walked into an open sunny spot it was obvious. He passed by the east edge of the pond and walked over the ridge and down toward the shed. We both watched him until he was out of sight. A pleasant start to a fall Thanksgiving morning.

JoAnna cooked eggs and bacon for breakfast, served as breakfast sliders on soft dinner rolls. Another pleasantry. (Thanks, JoAnna).