C A B I N E T Z I L L A !

Custom Made ''built-in'' Cabinet made by Terry Jernigan of Custom Woodcrafters in Pulaski, TN
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The cabinet is in!  We managed to wrangle it into place.  It's perfect.  The color is perfect.  Now, to find someone to do the stained glass inserts and get it full of stuff!

You can see four counter-height boards that pull out like drawers, I’m calling them “cookie boards” because when the Bed & Bistro is open for business, I can pull them out and set out cookies, with lemonade, sweet tea and coffee...or whatever other munchies I want to put out, so I don’t have to use floor space for an additional table.

Posting this for friends and family to see...  I'll post the whole story later, so check back!

ALSO!!!  Lots more photos uploaded at

Today I learned: No matter how much you measure, if there is a sawsall in proximity, it will be used.


Mary Payne Moran said...

I love your blog and think its great you support local farms!

-Chef Mary Payne Moran


ChefsLineJenn said...

gorge as in gorgeouss cabinets!