Progress report

Terry Jernigan poses with the monster cabinet he's building for us!
This is Terry Jernigan, the cabinetmaker we hired to build "the Beast", a pass-through cabinet I designed, to serve as a wall between the living room and the dining room. He called me in to take a look at how he's come along, and I'm sure glad that he did! One of the design elements that was ESSENTIAL to how it would be built -- that is, the structure of the overlapping sliding doors -- was totally wrong. All the drawings I gave him showed 8 pieces at 2 ft each, but the way he built it, it was going to end up as 16 pieces at 1 ft each. He's going to have to re-do the kitchen-side to make it work like I showed him. I also opted for standard doors on the upper-level of the shelf, and little round finger pulls on the kitchen side of the sliding doors.

He asked me what color i wanted it stained, and I told him I'd prefer a walnut brown that didn't have any red in it. He went back into the room where he does all the staining, picked out a can, rubbed some on a scrap piece of the maple he's using to build the cabinet, and it was perfect. Then I remembered, then at one point, he told me that the pine of our French doors would come out looking different, even if we used the same stain. We played around with more scraps and more colors of stain... Poor Terry! It turns out if we use a redder stain on the white maple cabinet, it will be a much closer match to the pure brown stain when applied to the honey-colored pine. He sent me home with a small gatorade bottle of stain and that scrap piece of maple, so that i could do a color test to see what we get.

Terry's an easy guy to talk to. When he was here at the house, taking measurements, he, Kelly and I got to talking about music & food & all kinds of stuff. I told him that the next time i'd visit to see the cabinet I'd bring him a CD, but he doesn't have a player. I'll definitely bring him some eggs! Speaking of eggs...

Chicken update: 6 eggs again today, same as yesterday. I ate 3 today, with a little truffle oil and a toasted bagel. Yum. The red rooster has got to go. It's uncomfortable to walk out of the house with a dog on a leash, knowing he could come up & charge any time. He jumped at Render today, and if she hadn't been muzzled, it would have been a mess.

Today I learned: If you lay down with a headache at 2pm you'll be rarin' to go at 2am. This means I'll be sleeping in tomorrow. I've already learned how to tune out the roosters' crowing for the most part!

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