Stella Fish Fry on September 26, 2009

This Saturday is the big Stella Fish Fry here in Prospect. I'm excited that I'm not working (there was a tentative gig but it fell through) so I'm able to go! It's apparently THE big social event of the local area.

When we first moved in, and got our moving truck stuck, blocking the street, it was a happy accident because we got to meet a few of the neighbors as they drove past. Mrs. Eubank was one of those people, and she stopped by later and introduced herself, and mentioned the fish fry and told us to make sure we could come out. This was in JUNE!

Also, when we went to see Terry Jernigan at his workshop (he's going to build that masterpiece of furniture that will be the pass-through cabinet between the living room and dining room) his daughter noticed we lived on Stella Rd. and immediately mentioned the fish fry and that she was looking forward to going. Terry said the fish is better than what's served at Johnson's Bluebird Cafe, and even better than Sarge's Shack! That is a serious fish-fight throwdown.

There's been much anticipation in the county for this event. I've never looked forward to eating catfish this much! Can you imagine? An all-you-can-eat fish-fry, served with all the trimmings for only $9 (plus $1 if you want dessert, and oh my god i hope there's pie) All the food is prepared by the women of this church, and i can't wait to see for myself.

I'm going to ask Kelly if he'll drive, so that I'm not taking the chefmobile there. Sometimes I don't like talking about being a chef, and one of those times is when someone else is doing the cooking.

I'm also looking forward to meeting more of my neighbors. We know that people are aware new folks moved in, because we've got the mailbox down on the street, but we've only met a few people. I'm eager to make friends with people my age. It seems that everyone our age has kids, and since we don't*, we don't usually have much to talk about.

Everyone's been very friendly, but I haven't made any real connections here. No, I don't include all the guys at Home Depot. It also doesn't count if we hired them to come to our house and work.

*By the way, feel free to send your offspring here, but note that they will be classified as farmhand apprentices and will be sent out to repair fences, pull weeds, clean the chicken coop and chop wood. They will get blisters, callouses and cuts. They will become intimate with ticks, mosquitoes and possibly chiggers. ... and they'll know it was you who sent them here!

Today I learned:Our electric meter-reader is a sadist. Kelly and I woke up to an explosion of dog barking because the guy drove all the way up to the house at 7:30am. I mean he pulled up along side the meter on the side of the house to read it without getting out if his car. This is an evil thing.

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