Opening Day

Today was opening day for archery hunting deer and other big game. I headed out to the back of our property after coffee, while JoAnna helped by detaining Trixie in the house to keep her from following me out to the woods. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, to a spot in the back corner where there is little human disturbance and a hole in the fence. As I crested the ridge and was about to head down to the lower southeast corner, I saw 2 deer - running away, unfortunately. They saw me first. Oh, well. They'll be back. 5 minutes later it was pouring rain as hard as it could pour, so I headed back to the house. I arrived soaking wet, but not defeated. There were many, many times I would spend an entire morning in the woods and not see even one deer. I have plenty of days left in the season to hunt, and our freezer can hold only so much venison.

Soon after, I was enjoying scrambled home grown eggs with pepper-jack cheese and toast. I never had it so good on a hunting trip.

The rain continued for quite a while, so I stayed inside and assembled a console/entry table that was delivered free from The engineering on these furniture items is better than it used to be, for sure. All of the parts were in good condition except one which needed some glue. Even the screws and misc small parts are well organized and labeled. The "screwdriver" they sent was pitiful, though - not that I needed it. It was like a key, and would have been impossible to use for this assembly. The resulting table looks very nice and is sturdy enough, even without the backing board that we chose to omit for style's sake. Not bad for about $120.

Soon after completing that task, we were off to the Stella Fish Fry. Just down our road about 2 miles is the place where the annual event takes place. It seemed to be a pretty good turnout, and the catfish and accompanying sides were very good. A guy named Al walked around the dining tent with a tray full of hot fish for anyone wanting more. We had more, twice. Dessert was a piece of home-made apple pie and a piece of home-made chess pie. We each ate half of each piece and agreed that they were delicious. $1 each. Here comes the cliché commercial...

All-you-can-eat catfish, hush puppies, fries and slaw (and drink)... $9
A slice of home-made apple pie... $1
Meeting the kindest people in America who are also your neighbors... Priceless

We'll be back next year, for sure.


supergimp said...

You guys are my hero.


Susan M said...

How early in the morning did you get out Kelly? I remember you & the guys out well before light in years past. Good luck next time.

Kelly said...

Steve, you are welcome to visit anytime. After all, you hired me into the land of DVD way back.

Susan M, I went out around 9:30am. I hadn't set up any type of blind, so if I had gone out before light, I would have had trouble finding a good hiding spot. I did find a place to sit behind a fallen tree where I will be well-hidden next time.