Freeze-Dried Day

Today was a big appliance-type day. Not only did the propane-plumber-man return to finish the conversion of our gas dryer, we plugged in the chest freezer so the mega-batch of food JoAnna cooked today could be kept as frozen. At first, the freezer did not respond to being switched on, and the light in the lid didn't light up. I checked the power outlet and it was good. Then I looked at the wiring under the freezer and saw the problem. At some point during the moves (Glendale, CA to Murfreesboro, TN to Prospect, TN) the main power cord was stressed to the point that it pulled out of a little plastic splitter/distributor part. After a quick snip-strip job, I used one big wire nut to twist the 3 wires together and it was good to go. Time to chill.

Last night I took my first practice shots with my recurve bow. I used a judo point on a single arrow, and did pretty well overall. The cardboard box that was my target had just enough resistance to keep the arrow from shooting all of the way through. Deer season opens Saturday, so I'll be out there early - and we have seen deer on our property. I have to figure out how to keep Trixie the Dog from joining me on my expeditions. I know she'd love to "help", but she has a thing about chasing deer away.
I was really glad to learn that hunters are allowed to take up to 3 deer... every day! That's not likely to happen on my 10-acre plot, but I was expecting to be limited to one deer for the entire season. It will be quite an adventure if/when I do get one, because I have never dressed one out on my own. We are planning to butcher it on our own, too. At least we have lots of knives.

We are seeing the return of many birds; swallows and finches that were around a lot in early summer. Unfortunately, as they fly about, some of them crash into our windows. If anyone has a recommendation for preventing this, please post in the comments.

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Susan M. said...

It is too bad, but birds & windows really don't get along. Try hanging shiny, moving 'things' in front of the glass. There are stores that sell removable decals for windows also. Good luck.