A Fooding Frenzy

JoAnna has been working hard in the kitchen, cooking all kinds of soups, stews, sauces and such. The chest freezer is quickly filling up with portioned servings of various deliciousness, just waiting to be lunch. As I work in the other room, the aromas drift in and start my curiosity. "What are you making?", I say. "Do you want some?", she replies. The answer is always yes.

The fresh eggs keep coming - about 3 per day. We're keeping pace with them by eating 4-egg breakfasts every few days. We're feeding the chickens store-bought food at about $1/week, so that's about 50 cents a dozen (not counting the first 5 months of no eggs). Once winter comes, we'll have to give them more food since the free ranging will drop off. It's worth it just for the entertainment they provide, let alone the wholesomeness and nutrient-richness of the produce. I can't wait to get goats.

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Kevin said...

You guys have got to get Goat Song.