EGG-citing news!

So much is going on lately, it's hard to keep up with writing about it. Here's a quick list so i don't forget:

Kelly has been working as a consultant with Sony for the past two weeks. first, on-site in Los Angeles, which meant it was just the 13 of us (well, then the 12 of us, since Halle Barely went on to that great big henhouse in the sky...) This week, he's been working here at the house, which means he's hogging the dialup access and the sofa.

Now, when i say 'here at the house', i mean at the homestead in Prospect. At the moment, i'm in the parking lot of the Country Kitchen restaurant, enjoying their free open wireless from the comfort (not) of my honda element. I guess i'll be driving into Pulaski more often until the second phone line is in. By the way, this was explained to me by a woman in the laundromat: "POO-LASS-KEE" is how the modern/younger locals pronounce it, and "PYOO-LASS-KEE" is how old-timer-locals say it. Apparently, PUH-LASS-KEY is how the out-of-towners say it. Do i change how i pronounce it, à la when in Rome? Today I caught myself saying "Y'all" to someone in a farewell, as in, "Y'all have a nice afternoon", in a totally sincere and non-ironic way. Cracked myself up.

My work's been steady; I seem to be picking up an extra dinner party each week, on top of the weekly Personal Chef work i do for the amazing N & S. I say they're amazing because not only do they let me make whatever i want to make, but they really seem to enjoy my cooking. I love cooking for them, too. Everyone should have clients like these two, no matter what your field.

I'm overzealous as an entrepreneur, and i want to market myself, but really, i can't pick up too much more extra work if kelly is going to be working in Los Angeles, it's too hard to deal with the dogs and the chickens. (did he or i mention that we no longer have any guinea keets? so sad...)

I wrote a guest blog post for Savory TV. Click here if you'd like to read it. It's my anti-snobbery slow-food rant. If it gets a good response, i'm sure i have a few more rants up my sleeve.

And finally, kelly and I ate the Most Expensive Fried Egg Ever. This was the actually the 3rd chicken egg we know of, however, the first two were found after kelly moved the chicken tractor, so we're not sure how long they were lying about. This third precious little egg was found by itself in the morning, so we deemed it safe to eat. I fried it up in a little sunflower oil, and it was delicious, rich, and perfect. We're looking forward to more!

As my battery is about to give out, I'll post this for now, and let y'all know more info about more stuff as it happens!

Today I learned:

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Julia said...

We are out here and reading almost every word. When the kids get a little bigger and we can leave them behind, we want to do a Whiskey tour and work in a visit to you.