Snakes on a driveway

We have made some good progress on the house recently. The drywallers finished and the electricians returned to finish, as well. The HVAC man, Mr. McAfee, finished running ducts, poured a concrete pad and installed the heat pump unit. We painted primer on 75% of the house and ordered the flooring for the kitchen, pantry and utility room (all the same pattern). If we like the performance of the Armstrong brand fiberglass flooring, we will probably use it in more of the house.

The electrical inspector stopped by yesterday and signed off with his approval, so there is a chance that the light company will be here Monday or Tuesday to hook us up! Real power! Mwah hah hah!

So we are no longer relying on others to get us to the next step for progress like we were before. It's all up to us now.

We also had the Tim Harris Construction crew return to add soffit and facia to the roof. The next step on the exterior is to add siding. I'll be ordering the siding materials on Monday so I can start whenever I am ready. Once I know my schedule for the next few weeks, my parents will try to return to help us finish some of these final details.

I have been hired as a consultant for a new start-up in Los Angeles. The company is one of the television production giants, but they are adding some new technology to a newly-formed department. If all goes well, I may be able to continue consulting from home on the project after the initial 3 months.

Trixie the dog has, once again, earned her keep. In the past she helped me recover the guinea keets that wandered away from the garden area. Today she did one even better. I was in the house cleaning up scattered litter when I heard Trixie barking as if someone or something was coming toward the house. I thought it might be our Western neighbor who was cutting his lawn, but she knows him and probably wouldn't be barking. Then I thought maybe it was a dog or goat or sheep from the Eastern neighbor's property. when I got to the door, I saw Trixie barking at something under my car. I heard a hissing sound, so I thought it was another possum, but the hissing was different. More like a rattle. Croikey! It was a rattlesnake! Now, people we have met here have said that there are rattlesnakes in the area, but they have never seen one in 20 years. I guess I'm just lucky. After putting Trixie in the house for her own safety, I used a 10-foot PVC pipe to push the beast out from under my car. Then I used the garden hose to spray it, which caused it to move away from my car and into the short brush. But then it stopped. I had to decide at that moment if I should let the creature live or if I should protect myself, my wife and my critters from possible future encounters. I imagined the snake finding the crawlspace under my house to be a comfortable home, enjoying the occasional chicken as a snack. The snake had to go away for good. I won't go into the gory details, but it was quick and I was never in danger. I don't like to kill animals - even varmints - but that's the way it is out here in the country.

We have a big thunderstorm rolling thru right now, so I'm off the electric stuff ASAP.

Today I learned: Trixie is a good dog. Really, really good.


ChefsLineJenn said...

Trixie's back! Long live Trixie.

Bucksby said...

Yaayyy Trixie! You go girl!