sub-standard sub-contractors

I've been on my "drywall vacation" since Monday, visiting my in-laws and assorted family here in Orland Park, IL (south suburb of Chicago) It's been a lovely visit, and i enjoy their company very much, but sadly, this trip was in vain.

(For those of you who think all i write about is rainbows and butterflies, you might find a change of pace here. You want that mushy stuff, go look at some cute & cuddly creatures instead of read this particular post.)

The purpose of my absence was to avoid being underfoot while the subcontractors were at the house doing the plumbing and the drywall. For whatever reason, both the guys who offered bids for the plumbing and the drywall flaked out.

I thought that we were in a poor economy.
I thought that construction work was in decline.
I thought that subcontractors were drying for work.

... so i'm gobsmacked that these guys basically refused our money. I'm also frustrated that the things i wanted to avoid (noise/dust/mess) didn't happen while i was gone. I feel like I wasted all that gasoline. I wasted money on two nights' hotel stays (to break up the two 10 hour drives). Worst, I feel like I abandoned Kelly when I could have been there helping him do all the stuff he did while i was gone. It's just a sickening feeling.

On the bright side, i did get to spend some great quality time with Bob & Sue, the best in-laws a girl could ask for. I got to make them dinner a couple of times, which was nice. Since Sue & Caryn (Kelly's sister) went out tonight, I also got a chance to hang out with my niece (14) and nephew (13) for a bit, teaching them to shuffle cards, how to play blackjack, how to prep & peel asparagus, and then, how to make tuxedo strawberries! I made angelhair with marinara for dinner, which they loved, and then a lemon curd for dessert, to serve with the strawberries, so i had to run to 7-11 for a pint of half & half. I had a brainstorm while i was there - i thought I'd show them how to do tuxedo strawberries - but the only white chocolate was the hershey's "cookies & cream" candy bar. It was messy, but it worked out okay. Most important, they had fun, so I was glad. They're good kids.

The other thing i was looking forward to for this trip was buying kitchen furnishings at IKEA. I've been drawing out the layout of cabinets & shelving over and over, erasing, redrawing, and redrawing some more... and i thought i had a good setup. I went to ikea's website to make a shopping list of what i needed... and it seems that nearly everything i want is out of stock at both the bolingbrook and the schaumburg stores. PHOOEY!

So I get to go home to a still-unfinished house, with no hot running water or air conditioning, relatively empty-handed since i didn't buy what I'd hope to at IKEA. Except for seeing Kelly, who i missed a whole bunch, I'll have nothing to look forward to but a messy, dusty house that i still can't unpack and organize and several more hours of sticky, sweaty work in an un-airconditioned glorified shed.

ok, whining over. at least i got a chance to escape; poor Kelly was stuck there the whole time!

Today I learned: TRIXIE IS OKAY! Kelly said that he saw her in a dog fence/cage thing in a neighbor's yard. It's good news that she's healthy and safe, but I'm sad that she won't be able to visit any longer.

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