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Wednesday, June 3, 2009 10:30 AM

Day 3 of being a full-time resident of Prospect, TN. So far the biggest battle has been against the Daddy Longlegs spiders. They seem to love to come inside the house and find wherever I want to be and stake a claim to that space. Kelly won't smash them; instead, he picks them up and throws them outside. ::shiver:: The house is still wide open, because the window screens haven't haven't been delivered yet and the soffits haven't been closed in... so if you've got legs or wings and you want to get in, there's nothing stopping you.

At this very moment, there are two men working on the electricity of the house: Toby, the owner, and his assistant. Here's a photo of the outlet/light plan I did with the electrician.

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He has to adhere to certain codes, so there must be an outlet every "X" feet, with "X" varying depending on what room it is. This means that there are going to be more outlets than I originally wanted, which is no big deal, but there are going to be WAY MORE lightswitches than i thought there would be! I guess lightswitches are just something you take for granted. The layout of this place means that we're going to have one at each entrance of the kitchen, each end of the closet, both entrances to the dining room, and so on.

We still haven't figured out how we are going to close off the bedroom. If we had a normal door and a normal wall, we could put a switch at the bedroom door like normal people. We'd like to have it closed off by a curtain, so we can open it during extreme weather, so that the temperature will be steady through the house. Instead, we've got to put it where there IS a wall... so because of the ceiling fan, the outdoor light, and the switched-outlet he has to put there to maintain "code", there's going to be a three-switch plate by the exterior door of the bedroom. BOOOOOO!

And, as far as the code goes... Toby said that it'll be a problem if the inspector comes out and finds out that we've been living here, in the condition that the house is currently in. There are extension cords running from the Temporary Service Pole to the house which powered the saws and drills and such during the construction. Now that we've moved out of the Murfreesboro apartment, those cords are supplying power for running our lights, fans & appliances (only the fridge & microwave). That's probably dangerous. . (We also had 500ft of extension cords running to the greenhouse, when we had the chicks and keets living there!) In order to pass the first inspection, we may have to pretend to not live here for a week. Kind of a drag.

The electric installation is approved in two stages. First, there's the "rough-in", which means that the inspector comes out and makes sure that the X outlets per Y feet standard is met, the GFCI plugs are in place, and whatever else. Then, after the drywall (which we haven't yet subcontracted) is installed and the fixtures & appliances (which we haven't yet purchased) have been put in place, the electrician comes back to put in switches and faceplates and such. Then, at last, the inspector approves the final installation.

I know I must sound like I'm whining, but Those of you that talk to me over the phone or through Instant Messenger are all probably sick of me saying, "wait until you see it" but I am really excited that everything that i was hoping for (design-wise, anyway) is working out just right.

Last night, two of the neighbor's goats jumped the fence onto our property. This wouldn't be a problem except that we have been unloading the greenhouse, and Kelly's trailer was full of our seedlings! We had to load them back into my truck overnight, and now there are gossamer spider webs clinging to every surface. ::shiver:: I must have been suffering from delusions when i agreed to move out here.

Another interesting development has been with the keets. on our 2nd day here, we moved them from their cramped box in the greenhouse to a corner of the garden. It's a good thing that i barricaded the bottom 18" of the perimeter with 1" chicken wire, because those little boogers could squeeze right through the 2x4" welded wire! I guess their feathers are really thick, because they look fatter than they really are. They waddle around like a big feathered amoeba, and if one get separated from the pack, she'll let you know! They sound like an alarm clock: "EEEEE! EEEEE! EEEEE! EEEEE! EEEEE!"

The next morning, (yesterday) we got up at 6am to avoid the heat and planted some of the seedlings. The ground is very rich, because when the weather was cooler, you couldn't turn over a rock without finding a worm, but it hasn't been broken by shovel or spade for a long, long time. I hacked away with the pick-axe, while Kelly used a hoe to break up the weeds. I have three blisters, and Kelly got at least one, too. By 11am, it was too hot to think so we quit for the day. Plenty to do in the house, where even if it wasn't much cooler, at least it was shaded.

That brings us to today. More wood shavings on the floor from Toby drilling through studs for wiring. Everything still in boxes all over... but there's nowhere to unpack it anyway!

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