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Sunday, June 7, 2009 2:06 PM

Kelly got up before me today, and went to rescue the remaining keets. We're down to nine that are in the garden enclosure -- which is about what we expected. Everyone keeps saying that guineas are dumb, and they're right. I'm sad that we lost so many, but they're probably around the property somewhere.

We spent the rest of the morning working on the plants: I watered the herbs I'm keeping in the greenhouse (herbs like it hot & need to get dry between waterings) and as Kelly clears weeds, I'm transplanting seedlings the garden. They're hardly seedlings anymore, but we've had to push back the transplanting as other priorities got in the way. As i write this, it's gorgeously sunny and 90ºF, which is just too hot to be outside in full sun on your hands and knees. The other day, when we were out there, Kelly took off his shirt to cool off, and since there's nobody around to see, i took off my shirt too! I couldn't believe what a difference it made. Topless gardening from now on! (well, except for my fear of sunburn...)

We realize that it's not going to get any cooler 'round these parts, so we've interviewed a couple of heating & cooling professionals. the first guy was pricey, but the second guy's estimate came in a lot lower. Kelly may even help him with the work in exchange for a discount. Before we sign off anything with anyone, we're waiting to hear from Kelly's dad's friend to find out what we should expect to spend. We're probably going with a unit that's entirely pre-fab and the major piece of it is outside, then ductwork throughout the house. In the meantime, we've got a couple of fans and lots of cold water to drink. Thankfully, it cools off at night.

How about some good news? I've been getting more inquiries about chef work! I'm glad that the website's been attracting people, and that people seem to like what they see. I'm on track for a gig a week, which is a pretty good start. The jobs are in Nashville, so it's good that I'll have a reason to drive up there and get some of the more esoteric groceries i want to shop for for myself, like good olive oil and cheeses and such.

Despite the lack of decent cellphone service and the total dearth of Internet access here at the homesite, I've been able to do what i need to do as a bandwidth vagabond, getting open signals from the local funeral home, from the Country Kitchen restaurant, and from the library. I go in the library when it's open, but otherwise, i park outside and soak up some wi-fi. Still trying to figure out whether to just suck it up and get a satellite or hold out for local DSL. Not having connectivity is really a pain in the butt.

Off to get screens for the windows shortly... Kelly's been finding a couple mud-wasp tubes on his things... in the house!

Hope you're enjoying reading our stories, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Today I learned: gardening gloves from the dollar-store are cute but useless. Also, 'investing' in the more expensive vigoro brand gardening tools was totally worth it!

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