Things are moving right along. It's hard to believe that the place where our house now sits was a totally virgin forest when we bought it. Kelly's mom & dad are here again, helping where they can and giving moral support. His mom reminded me that even though we've got so much to do yet, we have to step back and see how much we've done since January!

Accomplishments since the last blog entry:

Secured the entire perimeter of our garden! Since it's just going to be a potager for us (the restaurant's got to wait) it's 25ft by 70ft. It's surrounded by a 5-foot high fence of 2"x4" welded wire, which I've reinforced at the bottom with 2-foot chicken wire. I attached it so that 6" lays against the ground on the outside of the fence, and the remaining 18" is wired up against the welded wire. We're also piling rocks on top of the flat 6" to keep critters from digging. The last step will be to put the electric fence on the outside of that. We'll do at least two wires, one at 2ft and the other at 5ft. Several people have told us that if you bait the fence with peanut-butter covered bits of aluminum foil, the deer will lick the foil, shock their tongues, and stay away. Let's hope so!
All the interior walls are framed... except for the bedroom, because Kelly and I can't agree on what we want to do with it! It will probably involve something like a half-wall and/or a curtain. Maybe. It's so amazing to see it turning into a house!

All the exterior doors & windows are installed, and I put the knobs in today. My front door is so pretty! We wanted to have a really 'grand entrance' but since the house is going to look kind of humble with its wood siding and metal roof, having a huge double-door entry with sidelights and a transom would have been way too grand. Since it's midnight as I'm typing this, I'll have to put the photos up tomorrow.

Somehow these two city-folk from "loase ann-juh-lees" have managed to keep 31 birds alive. The chickens are really just beautiful, their voices maturing from peeps to contented clucks. They're pretty friendly...all but the three leghorns, which seem like they'll never lose their skittishness. The guinea keets, which used to be only as big as a plum, have grown up to plump orange-sized birds. Still have their baby-colors, but they're feathering out well. We handle them about twice a day so they're becoming tame, too.
We're going to pick up a moving truck tomorrow. U-haul's biggest model. First we load up the garage, and if there's room, we load up some stuff from the house. We'll put everything else in my car and in Kelly's parents' car. I can't wait for it to be over.
Once we're moved out of Murfreesboro, the benefits of technology are going to be coming fast and furious to Prospect! I'll have my dishwasher, my full-size fridge (Darth refrige-RATOR) and the hot water heater will be installed. Soon I won't have to wash dishes with water heated in my 60-cup coffeemaker! (The toilet's been temporarily installed in a tarp-enclosed area for now, but it'll be brought into the house and set into the bathroom soon!)

There are still lots of decisions to make yet, but the most important will be bathtub, range, oven, flooring, and the sinks (2 kitchen, 2 bathroom). I wonder if I can sell plasma, or a kidney, or something. I'm not looking forward to shopping for these things, but at least I have this month's Consumer Reports "Kitchen Issue".

By the way -- I've been describing the color that I'd like to stain the wood of the board & batten siding to Kelly by saying stuff like, "Hey, you see that cloud up there, not the darkest one, but the medium blue-gray one? THAT'S what I'd like for the color of our house." Tonight he found a photo of blue-gray wood siding against lush green trees.

This photo captures it!
(minus the stuff growing all over it!)
Click to enlarge

Today I learned: Our chickens have grown tame enough to eat directly from my cupped hand.


Kevin said...

I didn't know your blog was up. Woo hoo! I''ve added it to my blog-roll (and I'd better be on your's soon{g}).

ChefsLineJenn said...

Holy moley. Your house looks amazing. Still looking for pic with your front door. It looks so HUGE right? (Love your planned wood stain / paint for outside by the way) Congrats on everything. Such amazing accomplishments. And all of your new family members - so cute!