Photo Essay - House Progress Report

The following photos show the progress that we have made on the house construction to date. Last week, my parents - Bob and Sue - drove down from Illinois to help us out for 4 days. We all accomplished a great deal, and they plan to return in a couple weeks for more! JoAnna and I are extremely grateful for their generosity, and we are glad that we get to spend time with them.

This photo shows the inner beams that tie the posts together. The next step is to add 2 x 6 floor joists.

Joists Have Begun
The first of four rows of floor joists is in place.

JoAnna at Rest
You can see some of the subfloor decking has been added to the north edge of the house.

Floor Joists Halfway Complete

Dad Rests After Day 4
We made good progress with the help from the additional crew. Everybody kept busy doing something or other the whole time. There was drillin', measurin', carryin', hammerin', adhesivatin', and drill drivin'. It was a good time. You can see the first of the 18 wall sections that we put up to work out the bugs before Bob left.

JoAnna Builds the Chicken Tractor
Since the chicks were outgrowing their Rubbermaid® Tub House, we decided to spend our "day off" building a chicken tractor. A chicken tractor is simply a moveable coop. Nothing's getting in or out of this structure.

Chicks in the Tractor
Here they are in their new digs, complete with disco heat lamps and modern art thermometer.

Subfloor Progress

Subfloor - 2 Rows To Go

Subfloor Completed
It is a beautiful thing. A flat, smooth, level surface - perfect for rollerskates! Mind the 6-foot drop-offs.

Render Celebrates with a Smile
After a long week of security detail, Render is ready for some R & R.

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Today I learned: Using roof trusses doesn't necessarily result in flat interior ceilings. They can be made to produce a vaulted ceiling. This is the new plan.

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