Get 'em up, move 'em out, Rawhide!

Kelly arranged to pick up a moving truck on Thursday morning. We didn't have to be moved out until 5/31, but his parents, Bob & Sue, have been here a couple of days, and they were willing (if not eager!) to help us, so we took them up on the offer. We spent all day on Thursday loading up the truck. First Kelly and his folks loaded up all my catering stuff and our major appliances from the garage, while i packed the house. Then we loaded up the house stuff into my car, the in-laws' car, and the few spaces left in the truck.

You know that logic puzzle with the farmer, a goat, a wolf, and a cabbage? That's kind of what it felt like trying to get this move done. Kelly opted to keep the truck an extra day, so we could get some rest, and start fresh in the morning. That muddied up logistics a bit, since the chickens and guineas needed attention (The keets, in particular, need about 30 minutes of fussing twice a day, but we'd been away from Prospect for nearly 24 hours!) Here's how it worked out:

I volunteered to drive back to Prospect to manage the critters, but I had to be back there by 6:30pm so i could work in daylight. His parents would spend the night at the new house (we have an extra air mattress) so they had to drive back from Murfreesboro to Prospect. Kelly was going to spend the night in Murfreesboro. I think he slept on the floor of the now rather empty apartment. When i drove back, i took Noodles with me, since both dog crates were in Prospect; Kelly kept Render with him... but since Noodles isn't feeling well, she'd cry and need to be let out at least once in the middle of the night. This would wake Kelly's dad up (he's a super-light sleeper), which would wake Kelly's mom up, and since they were being such an awesome help to us, I didn't want to interrupt their much-needed Noodles and I slept in my car. Wouldn't you know it, this was the first time in a couple weeks she slept through the night, so i believe that by sleeping in the car, I had the best night's sleep in a couple weeks!

I'm going to let Kelly tell the second part of this story: getting that 26-foot truck from the apartment to the house.

I will close with this: This time, i finally can say with great conviction,
this is the last time i'm ever moving!

Today I learned was reminded: I'm really lucky to have Bob & Sue as family. I can see how a couple as wonderful as they are turned out a guy as wonderful as Kelly, and I hope that when he and I have been together for 50 years, we'll be just like them. (yeah, mushy, i know, but deal with it!)

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Kevin said...

> this is the last time i'm ever moving!

I first said that four moves ago. And on my last move (to this condo) I knew I'd have at least one more to go unless I have sense enough to die first.