Our Own Bailout and Scoring Windows

Long lapses in blogging are either due to nothing going on or lots going on. This case is the latter.

Progress in the Purple Greenhouse

We have the greenhouse in working order now, and it really heats up on sunny days. Our $1 thermometer said 90 degrees F just the other day when it was maybe 65 outside. It is still too soon to trust that we can leave any sensitive plants in there overnight. The forecast is calling for 28 degrees in a couple of nights ahead. Here is a pic of JoAnna standing in the doorway with the yet-to-be-finished, recycled craigslist door in place. It works like a charm:

I missed the most recent rainstorm on Thursday, but it must have been a doozy. In the past, we used a broom from below to push off the rainwater that had collected in the roof plastic. But today, this is what I discovered:

Those bulges were caused by probably 20 gallons of water in those sections. I had to climb up alongside the greenhouse and bail out the roof with a bucket. Three cheers for 6mil plastic. It stretched, but it did not give way. I guess I won't use plastic in this way on the real house roof.

Our First Post

We officially started construction of the house. This is a pic of the first of many (30) pressure-treated posts that the house will be built upon. These posts are very heavy. We are dealing with 8ft, 12ft & 16ft posts, depending on the slope of the land.
I estimate the 12ft posts to weigh 150lbs. I can only carry one under each arm. This pic shows the first post standing. Only 29 more to go.

Bargain Windows
After a long April 1 work day, I decided to check craigslist for the usual items we need: windows (casement style preferably), doors, woodburning stove, and general construction materials. And there it was. An ad for 4 new casement windows - $250 for all. No dimensions were provided, and the photo was vague at best:

It took me a minute to realize that a person was standing next to the boxed window, so as long as the lovely model wasn't a troll, the windows could be expected to be 4 to 5 feet high. It was late when I saw the ad, but JoAnna used her mad skillz to contact the poster (a text message, maybe?) and he called her back soon after. I spoke with the guy who said he was just posting the ad for his friend Becky, and that I could call her even though it was late. So I did and we made plans to meet at 9am.

The garage storing the windows was conveniently located halfway between our apartment and the home site, just an hour drive. I got to the address and Becky arrived a few minutes later. After brushing off 8 years worth of dust, spiders and a mouse nest, the windows appeared to be in very good condition. I paid the $250 and loaded them into the ChefMobile with Becky's help. They barely fit. There are 2 windows size 48W"x48H" - double opening, and 2 windows size 48W"x41H" - double opening. If purchased new from Home Depot, these 4 windows would have cost around $1400 total. Now that's a craigslist $core! After driving to the home site, I unloaded the windows into the shed (not easy - Becky wasn't there to help this time) and then headed back to the apartment to drive JoAnna to the airport.

Today I learned: once again, that procrastination isn't always bad. We planned to order our windows through Home Depot, and almost stopped there on Tuesday night to do just that. We would have paid much more and opted for the single-opening type to save money.

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