Early Construction Photos

The following photos show the work completed to date. Nine of the eighteen perimeter posts are up. Seven of them are 12ft posts which aren't too difficult to manage. The 16ft posts are real beasts. They are really heavy which means it is complicated to adjust their position once they are standing on end. For the remaining 16ft posts, I am planning to try to build a guide that will help direct the post base to the desired position in its designated footing hole - something with tapering sides that will funnel the post into place as it is stood up. Only the perimeter posts are left near full-length (footing-to-ceiling). I'll be trimming the tops off of these once the perimeter walls are up. The 12 interior posts are cut at floor level, so they are only 5 foot long on average.

These opposing views were taken just after sunset:

Someday soon, there is going to be a house standing here.

Today I learned: When using a hammer, it is possible to smash a finger on the same hand that is swinging the hammer.

"If a man smashes his finger in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does he make a sound?

Yes. I said "ouch" and a few other 4-letter words.

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