The Greenhouse Floor

Our First (Uninvited) Guests

Over the 3 days that we did not go to our new home, some birds decided to move into the shed before we were ready to accept guests. They chose a nice spot, in the middle of a shelf that we use to store tools. Here is a picture of the nest:

Fruit Trees

Of the 9 fruit trees we have ready to plant, the recent warm weather seems to have awakened our plum from its winter slumber:

Greenhouse Floor

The earth has been moved to allow a level concrete pad to be poured as an extension from the existing shed. As soon as the weather looks dry enough, we will place an order for 2 yards of concrete - maybe more if we add any other concrete projects to the list. Here are some pics from different angles:

This was my audience for the day; Trixie and Render.

Today, I picked up 60 carriage bolts and 2500 screws for the start of the house construction. I also bought 50 lbs of Fescue Seed and 5 lbs of Dutch White Clover Seed from the local Farmers Co-Op. The seed was scattered by hand across the areas of the property where work from the driveway construction had turned the soil over. The rain that we are expecting in the next few days should get that seed started.

One last pic: this is a view of the grid of foundation holes

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