Who wears Kevlar Chaps and Wolverines on his feet?

I do. Sorry there's no photo, but I thought it would make for a great title for this entry.

I have been doing a lot chainsawing over the past 2 days, and to protect my legs in case I slip with the chainsaw, I wear Kevlar™ chaps. Not too exciting.

The work boots I'm wearing are Wolverine™ brand. Not too exciting, but they are comfortable and have steel toes.

Here's a picture of a giant fallen tree that needs to be cleared from where it crossed the fence line, crushing the fence beneath it. You can see I already cut out a big chunk:

To get an idea of the girth of this tree, look at the glove I placed on the top:

I had to cut the tree into bits that were small enough to manhandle to move them away from the fence line so goats and sheep from the neighboring pasture don't use them to climb over onto our property.

As I walked past a pile of brush and small trees that the giant front-end loader/bulldozer machine had relocated, I saw this:

All I could think was that if this scene were in a movie, the big, tough burly good guy would see this shredded tree and say, "No man did this." Like there's a big scary something loose in the woods. And there is!

This is Trixie the dog. Here she is relaxing in the shed on a soft red bed. Usually she is tailing me wherever I go. She comes from a house just down the road where we assume there is nothing exciting going on during the day so she hangs out with us.

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