The Road Home

A few items to note in this post, with the spotlight being on a powerful subject.

A Small Victory

JoAnna and I added a gutter to one side of the shed to try to keep rainwater from running under the shed. It finally rained enough to test it out, so here is a picture of that small victory:

The Power Struggle

On Thursday, I drove to the site, hitched up the trailer, and headed into town to rent the TSP. In this case, TSP is not the abbreviation for teaspoon. It stands for Temporary Service Pole in regards to electricity. Once back at the site, I finished digging the 28-inch deep hole for the pole, and then set it in place. Once the pole was upright, I had to drive the ground rod into the earth. The ground rod is an 8-foot long narrow metal rod that must be fully driven into the ground. It required many, many hits from my 3-pound sledgehammer to get it flush with the final grade. Here is a picture of the final result:

Today (Friday), the electrical inspector showed up and approved the installation of the TSP. Now, we wait for the power company (or light company as they say here) to do their thing. They are going to replace the existing power pole that is on our property, add a transformer to it, and run the line to a new pole that will be close to our house. Then, they will connect a meter and the power line to the TSP. At that point, we will have power. It will be a momentous occasion.

The power company wanted to wait until we had a passable road or driveway in place before they brought in their crew to do their part. The driveway had been under construction since Feb. 10, but it is now ready for traffic. It will require some added stone/gravel to make it final, but I opted to get it done to this point which is good enough to drive cars on and will be fine for heavier vehicles once the earth dries out a bit. All of the rock was put down on Wednesday, just before the rain began for the night. Here is a pic of my car at the top of the drive...

...and a shot of the driveway looking down toward the shed:

This picture is of the bark of a Hackberry tree, with some barnacle-looking growths on it. They say it is normal.

Today I learned: that is is very important to secure the items on the trailer very well, and to put the smaller items inside the car.

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