Pricing Wood / Securing the Perimeter

I spent a long day on the job today, leaving Mboro at 6:00am and returning around 7:30pm. To compare prices for lumber, I visited 3 stores in and around Pulaski; Pulaski Lumber, Covey Leaf Hardwoods & Home Depot.

Covey Leaf doesn't carry anything but hardwood lumber and plywood for cabinets and such. But they do offer to saw and/or kiln dry lumber that I would bring in to them. This may be a cost efficient way to acquire the longer, stronger beams using pine trees from our property. I would cut the trees into long lengths (20 feet) and then bring them to Covey Leaf for kiln-drying.

I only asked for prices on a few items at Pulaski Lumber, basically to measure against the Home Depot prices. It turns out that their prices are comparable, and it is likely that I could have large orders delivered for free. I may even be able to make arrangements with the owner to receive a contractor's discount. I'd rather spend our money at a locally-owned business, rather than the big chain - even though the service at Home Depot is outstanding. At least it is now that business is really slow.

When I got to 427 Stella, I finished the shed gutter by adding a 3-foot section to complete the south side. I'm hoping to keep water from running off the roof and then under the shed, making for damp conditions inside.

I went up to the home site with some wood stakes and the measuring tape to re-stake the house boundaries since the old ones had been lost in the clearing of the land. While up there, I saw this footprint in the tracks from the equipment:

This is a deer track, and just in time for Valentine's Day. It sort of looks like a heart, doesn't it? Happy Valentimes Day, JoAnna!

The rest of the day was spent repairing the fence along the road where many months ago a giant tree smashed it to the ground, taking the phone lines out, as well. As usual, Trixie the dog kept me company, sometimes curling up in the brush for a nap. Here she is in a stand of daffodils that appeared recently:

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