Groundbreaking news

I went to work today, and there was a giant front-end loader parked on the lawn. Tomorrow morning the driveway will be started. (Hurray!)

The driveway will allow us to drive all the way up to the home site which means real construction on the house can soon begin. (Hurray!)

I spent most of the day repairing fence, except for a little demolition time. You see, this tree has been leaning over on another tree for a long time:

This photo shows how much of the outer wood had decayed, probably caused by termites. I bashed it with a steel fence post, chipping away at the edges until all that remained was the core. After a bit of sawing by hand (no chainsaws allowed when I am alone), I heard a "POP!" I knew that sound was a sign that it would be coming down soon, so I backed away and then gave it a few forceful jousts with the steel fence post. The tree finally succumbed to gravity with a thud.

Here's a picture of the result:

The reason I had to take this down, aside from the danger of a precariously balanced 1000 lbs., was that I was about to repair the fence directly below the tree. I definitely did not want to work under it, or get the fence all set up and then later find the fence crushed under the tree. So it was felled.

Today I learned: It is a good idea to create clear paths through the trees early on to avoid stepping over the same fallen limbs repeatedly.

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