Things are looking up.

I met with the engineer from the electric company today to learn about getting power. His name was Bobby. That's Bob or Bobby number 5. There's:

Bobby Watkins - owns the property to the east, has goats and sheep on pasture there
Bob Bryant - Real Estate Agent from Pulaski, showed us 2 properties back a while ago
Bob McKeown - Real Estate Agent - met with him and that was the end
Bobby Something - Owner of The Restaurant Barn, sells new and refurb restaurant equipment
Bobby Pigg - Engineering Designer for Pulaski Electric

I'm not sure if I'll ever get used to the fact that everyone here is so helpful and patient with me. And everyone actually seems to enjoy their occupations. We discussed the options for getting power to our homesite for nearly 90 minutes. He even offered to return in the case that I change my mind on the location of the TSP (temporary service pole).

Yesterday, JoAnna and I replaced a long span of fencing on the northwest corner of the property. As usual, the first few attempts are slow-going, but we figure out better ways to do things and then pick up speed. We also added a ramp to the pedestrian entry of the shed which was about 24 inches above grade. The big barn doors are too heavy to mess with them every time we want in or out.

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