A list of to-do lists

JoAnna hereby extends her apologies for not posting more, but begs forgiveness since there's so much to do! I've decided to put up a few of my to-do lists here so you'll either have pity on me ...or so you'll come visit us and help!


  • Driveway
    dig the 12-foot wide path
    lay the rock
  • Electricity
    rent the pole
    dig hole for the PVC line
    bury the ground wire
    run the wires
  • Water
    get the water company to dig under the street and put the meter on our side of the street
    get a trench dug to get water to our property line
    dig another trench to get water to the building site
  • Propane
    arrange for an account
    get the tank delivered
    get something that I can cook on
    get something that will make us warm when camping out in the shed (NOTE: more on this later!)
VERY important to-do list:
  • Fix fencing
    replace major holes with new fence & additional poles
    fix minor holes with repair wire
    cut up dead trees that have crushed fence
  • Reinforce Shed
    put plastic over side window
    build a ramp to the side door
    figure out how to close/latch side door
    repair shed's barn-door hinge
    fill in assorted holes
    get glass cut for big window & replace it
  • figure out what goes where
    pick trees to cut down
    select trees to leave alone
    choose locations for fruit trees
  • select a style for the main house
    factor in cost of building
    figure out most eco-efficient energy/water resources
    find out if there's any financial incentives for solar/wind/etc.
Gardening prep to-do list:
  • fix up the pond
    cut the pine tree down
    scoop up the pine needles
  • test the soil
    find a decent soil-testing kit
  • build a spacing grid
    build a frame
    staple on some chicken wire
  • build a soil-sifter
    build a frame
    staple on some hardware cloth
  • build a potting bench
    pick out some salvage lumber
    build legs & cross-supports
    build a box to hold giant loads of good dirt
    sift out some dirt
  • build some seedling flats
    pick out MORE salvage lumber
  • schedule plantings
    Last Frost: April 20th
    First Frost: October 8th
Marketing to-do
  • Website
    more writing & more pictures
    search engines: always a work in progress
  • Network with other Bed & Breakfast owners
  • join the Bed & Breakfast associations
  • Make local connections
    bake some cookies & brownies for bribes
    introduce myself to Pulaski & Prospect business owners
Stuff i don't want to forget to do:
  • put rocks along edge of pond to create an edge
  • order some ladybugs and mantids
  • build birdhouses
  • dig out a root cellar

Today I learned:
there's no such thing as a little too much sherry in the Brasilian Bean Stew.

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