3-day weekend: Share your best & worst experiences

This is a preliminary question that I'm asking around to get ideas for a more formal survey... so... if you're reading this blog, and you'd like to help, please let me know! You can write to me directly (and anonymously) through this form
My Bed & Breakfast will open at the end of the summer, and I want to make it the best experience possible for my guests. If you have a moment, please post a reply:

What are the best and worst things about taking a long-weekend vacation? (whether at a B&B or standard hotel or wherever)

If you have any specific comments about a Bed & Breakfast, that's cool too. Thanks.
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Mockingbird Acres is a lace-doily and antique-free B&B

The style is decidedly contemporary. We want to attract people from late 20's to early 60's who just want to escape and relax. The ideal vibe would be "staying at the home of a friend of a friend".

Each cottage will have a full bathroom, private of course. (1 cottage will be finished by September, but we plan to have only 3 in total)

Also, each cottage has its own microwave, coffeepot, fridge. Each is a free-standing building, with a bedroom, bathroom, livingroom w/kitchenette, and a private porch. We're on 10 acres so there's plenty of privacy. There will also be wireless internet access available: I certainly couldn't live without it, wouldn't expect my guests to either.

The main house/building will have a commercial kitchen and full-service restaurant. We plan to open the restaurant to the public in the evenings on weekends only.
Like I said, I want this to be the most awesome 3-day weekend getaway. The perfect vacation is a different thing for different people.... so what's YOURS!?

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gjr said...

My wife Brooke and I are interviewing people who have changed career paths. We just finished an interview with a nice B&B owner here in Asheville, NC. They had some comments that might be valuable to you.
They decided to create one VERY nice apt in their offerings...they charge a premium amount and give a premium stay. Lots of room, nice accouterments, pet friendly. They killed! The rest of the B&B's in town (and there's a lot of them!) didn't have this...they were charging $595/night and it was very busy.
The pet friendly thing was very well received as well. We're traveling with our dog right now and he's pretty well behaved. We would only be able to consider a place that allowed canine companions. They had small outdoor fenced in areas, provided dog bones (that had the dog's name on 'em!) and dog cookies. They also research dog friendly activities for the occupants. They have a nice full size dog stature lifting his let in the courtyard which has fountain capabilities if you read my drift. It's actually pretty cool.
The other thing they do is have a nightly social hour with free wine/snacks. They have lots of repeat customers. They also have a local music group (3 people, i think) play on Thursday nights. Seems like a fun place.