On your mark, get set, WORK!

Kelly discovered today that the money that we transferred from our Los Angeles bank account has arrived in our Murfreesboro bank account.

Don't blink, or you'll miss what i anticipate is the last time we'll have a five-figure bank account balance in a long, long time.

This means that we can do the closing paperwork on Monday. Kelly is still anxious that something's going to fall through. The boy is clearly paranoid, and driving me insane. Also, he's always got his tape measure in his hands, and he's constantly re-measuring the apartment to reaffirm his ideas of measurement.

Dec 2, 2008
Taken Dec 2, 2008

Dec 20, 2008
Taken EIGHTEEN days later: Dec 20, 2008

These are photographs, but as you can see they might as well be a live video feed. We are in HIGH research mode, reading everything we can get our hands on. Kelly's in charge of construction and design of everything but the kitchen, and I'm in charge of farming/gardening and animal husbandry. Typing that out makes me realize that it sounds like we've divided this up on a sexist basis...does it?
tangent rant: I grew up in a family of boys. When I was 6, Frank was 5 and Vito was 4. (Italian = catholic, if that clears things up...) I grew up hating that they'd get gifts you could actually play with, like drums/guitars or tomahawks or trucks and I'd get a put-on-the-shelf doll or a necklace. Why didn't my stupid relatives get all 3 of us the same thing, so we could play together? As we grew up, I was stuck in the house doing the inside chores, when the boys would be outside, working together. I did managed to convince my dad, once, to let us trade. I did fine pulling weeds and mowing the lawn (still by myself) but the boys did a really lousy job of washing dishes and mopping... and dad didn't like to eat off of dirty dishes and walk on a sticky floor, so that was the end of that. That baggage has persisted through my adulthood. One of the things that bugs me about networking groups and business associations that specifically focus on women is that by defining a difference, you make the differences that much more pronounced. Is that really productive? It makes women's networking like remedial P.E.: We'll all be nice and play easy games, we don't need to do anything complicated or strenuous. Whatever. Kelly has somehow managed to put up with me, and we put all that sexist division of labor stuff aside. I cook because i love it and I'm better at it. I'm in charge of the plants and critters because they're ultimately food. He's in charge of building because he's mathematically inclined, precise and methodical. Besides, if the measuring were left up to me, the house would look like Picasso was our general contractor...
Where was I...oh yeah: research! We've been checking books out of the library, but the ones that we can use as long-term reference books, we've been finding at thriftbooks.com and buying them for about $4 each including shipping.

Homework Textbooks

I've also been taking photos of stuff in the ones not worth buying and making an inspirational wish-list.

this is a very nice layout, I've cooked in one like this.

doors leading from kitchen to dining room

poured concrete island

roll-out breakfast table

kitchen pantry

range hood

privacy mailbox

I keep trying to focus on the end results, because this whole sinking-treated-posts-into-prepared-holes-with-concrete-footers is just not exciting to me. Kelly has said before that this is his ultimate fort so it's VERY exciting to him.

I'm trying to be motivated and patient at the same time. These two states of being are very difficult.

Today I learned: that everything from the Beatles is an excellent soundtrack for kneading bread. I'm making baguettes with wholewheat flour, one plain, one with fresh rosemary from tiny christmas tree i bought at Lowe's reject rack for $1.

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