On Thursday, I drove to the property to meet with the Highway Dept guys to look at the water situation. They were on time, pulling in right behind me off the road at the predetermined location. We drove up the road a bit to the location of the water hydrant from which our water line will start. The two guys, Barry and Steven were really cool, and really helpful. One item to note: practically every one of the men I have shaken hands with have huge, puffy, weathered hands. My smaller, softer hands will soon be a-changin'. So, the highway guys told me that I can run our private water line along the road as long as we don't mess up the road by using a backhoe or other heavy equipment. No problem.

After they drove off, I started unloading the 4 fence posts from my trunk. The posts are for temporary markers of the septic field area - a recommendation from the soil scientist. Before I finished unloading the stuff, a car pulls up and a woman steps out. She started talking about the property, and then I realized who she was. She was the soil scientist that canceled on us Tuesday morning. I guess she thought we had rescheduled, but I thought it was more of a suggestion she had made when she had called to cancel. I had even tried to call her the day before to let her know that we had used another soil guy, but there was no voicemail on her line. I never thought she was going to show up. Oh, well. I sent her away with my apologies for the miscommunication. Lucky for her, she didn't travel far from home.

I climbed up the slope to the septic site and rammed the 4 posts into the ground. It has been a while since I climbed uphill carrying 60 pounds of extra weight, and my heart was pounding. I didn't die, so that was good. Then, I walked around the property, eventually repositioning the marker flags that define the house boundaries. It's hard to imagine exactly where the ideal location is going to be, especially when we will be removing some trees to open up the area. Mainly, I wanted to move the house away from the unprotected north side of the ridge where the prevailing winds would chill us in winter time. A little to the west and south looked better to me. How often can you move your house?

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