Meeting Mr. Hatfield

On Friday, we drove into Pulaski to meet with a County Environmental Specialist to discuss the septic system requirements. Mr. Hatfield was a very cool guy, offering lots of advice while chatting with us quite casually. No rush, no pressure. I think we all enjoyed each other's company. After I mentioned that I was planning to do as much of the work as possible, he offered to provide the rules and regulations for installing a septic system. I am still surprised at how helpful everyone is, and how it seems like they are eager to do their jobs. And these are all government employees! Don't they know? I love Tennessee.

Once our discussion was over (30 minutes past the office closing) we asked him where we should try for dinner. He corrected our use of the word dinner - "'cause in these parts, dinner is the second meal of the day, what y'all call lunch. What you want is called supper." He recommended we try Sarge's Shack for their All-You-Can-Eat Catfish Dinner. As he drove past us in the parking lot, he called out to tell us to order the Hot Slaw (which turned out to be pretty good). The catfish was good, too.

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