The Deal Is Done

The deal is done. We signed the final papers and gave the final check to the title company. We are the owners of 10.16 acres of land. I realized that this is the first thing I have ever owned that can't be lost, stolen, melted... it is REAL Estate. Now, I must build an estate.

It was suggested today by two completely unconnected parties that we consider hiring an Amish crew to build the first phase of the house. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe it's the new thing? We passed 4 Amish buggies on the road in the course of our driving today.

It looked something like this, but colder.

Now that the property is ours, I feel like I have been searching for a job and suddenly I have one - and I have a lot to do and 24 hours a day to do it. To make the most of the daylight, I'll be rising early.

Here's the math:

The sun rise = 6:53am
subtract 90 minutes for the commute = 5:23am
subtract 5 minutes to dress, brush teeth, chug 3 raw eggs (Rocky style), brush teeth again = 5:18am

I thank the decreased world demand for oil for the low gas prices ($1.53/gal) - I'll be burning 9 gallons per day for a while (there's no mass transit here).

We have until April 30 before our apartment lease expires, so we must have some livable dwelling ready by May 1. Even if we end up in a tent on an air mattress, the temperature should not be an issue:
May Average Temps: High = 78.0° F Low = 55.0° F

Even the dogs should be able to handle those temps. Well, maybe not Noodles so much.

She's undercover cause she's got not enough fur.

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