The offer.

We drove to the listing agent's office in Lawrenceburg, TN and made an offer on the Stella property today. Our meeting started at 11am and we had the contract ready to present to the Seller by around 12:30pm.

We have 4 stipulations that will need to be resolved for this offer to be binding:

1. Seller pays 2008 property tax (estimated $168)
2. Water in pond passes testing for no contaminants
3. Soil passes septic field percolation requirements for multiple dwellings
4. Water utility district guarantees that water lines can be run to property

(Number 3 is vague, but it is basically our need for the soil to accommodate the dispersion of liquid effluent from a septic tank at a high enough rate for our planned restaurant business and cottages.)

The listing agent, N@th@n, tried to call the Seller to present our offer, but she could not be reached. So, he took us out to lunch at his standard lunch place. It was a good place. JoAnna and me done had ourselves cheeseburgers and N@th@n had the special - Beef stew and Corn Bread. N@th@n picked up the tab. Thanks.

We rode back to his office, and he tried calling the Seller again, and eventually got through. After a brief time away, he returned and said that our offer sounded good to her, but she wanted to check with her husband before officially accepting it. We have our fingers crossed that the husband is not a greedy man. From what we know, ours is the first offer received on their property. They should take what they can get, right? Also, we are offering cash, so that makes it easier for them, I think.

On our way back home, we swung by the property and tacked a paper sign on the wood pile in the barn that read, "Thou Shalt Not Steal". As I wrote before, there was evidence of some pilfering from the 2x4 pile, so seeing how that wood might end up "our wood" I figured a little guilt might slow the depletion.

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