Unemployed for 3 weeks, now homeless (by choice)

Oct 02, 2008

Yesterday was our last day living in Los Angeles. We finished packing the cars, cleaning the house and then ran through the house inspection with the property manager. At 3pm, we finally drove away from our home for the past 2 years - which feels more like 5 years. A lot went on while we lived there. JoAnna's business was refined to where she was working jobs that she really enjoyed, and I stepped up into a management role in my job. For the past 4 months we have been planning this get-away to a new lifestyle, and that time has really flown by.

Last night we slept in the Motel6 in Barstow, CA. I know, I know, "why did you stop so soon?" Well, we were a bit tired from all the hub-bub involved with moving. We also spent our last night in LA sleeping on the floor of the living room since all forms of bed had been packed or donated. Since we plan to continue with the Motel6 theme for the rest of the drive (pet-friendly!) we are hoping they are all this nice. Clean, newly remodeled, and WiFi for $2.99.

That's all for now, must get on the road before temps reach 100+ again here in Barstow.

East to Winslow, AZ or beyond.

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