Spencer, TN - The Sequel

We met with a new real estate agent today to look at 2 adjacent properties in Spencer, TN. I had a feeling neither would be ideal, but the views were incredible. One tract (or track) was 17 acres and nearly had a 360 degree view of some beautiful mountains.

This image doesn't do the scene justice, and today the sky was clear blue. Unfortunately, there are significant barriers to starting with either of these properties (no water readily available), and they wouldn't really accommodate our full plan to include private cottages. Also, there is a cemetery at the base of both of both properties, and it is named SODOM CEMETERY. What in the world? Both sites could be great for someone with $500k to spend on the land ($120k each) and a 3-story mansion to be built. But that's not us.

Here are the full URLs (17acres / 25acres) if you're interested.

After the viewing, we headed to Fall Creek Falls State Park to see the local attraction, and to have lunch at The Inn. We are interested to know what type of dining options are available in the area, specifically upscale options. Well, The Inn aint. Unless buffet is your thing, you'll get a BIG FONT menu (read elderly-friendly) and service from pleasant but garbed-in-hospital-scrubs staff. I know it was Halloween, but we think this is the norm. We ordered cheeseburgers (safe) with fries/onion rings, and 2 Dr. Peppers (note the hospital tie-in with Dr. Pepper). Food was good, but the vibe was convalescent. The lake view from the Inn was awesome, but the swarm of ladybugs kept us behind the glass. I should mention that the drive through the forests at this time of year is spectacularly colorful. Reds, yellows, browns, greens. I am realizing that I missed autumn leaves a lot. Remind me of this comment when it's cold and raining :/

Today I learned: Smart ninjas avoid wearing corduroy pants.

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