The POD arrives in Murfreesboro!

We spent a lot of today unloading the pod into the garage. Here's a sad little story:

Kelly and I have been expecting the pod for a little over a week. He went to the apartment complex management and asked them which garage space we'd be able to get. they told him 9B. so when before the POD delivery guy arrived this morning, Kelly moved our cars to block off the parking spaces directly across from 9B. The truck arrived at about 8:30AM (before the management arrived) and Kelly moved his car and had the POD truck driver put the POD in that space. at 10AM, when the office opened, he went in to the office to get the remote. WHOOPS! They forgot they had already given 9B to someone else, so they had to give us 5B instead. GRRRRR... so now, instead of taking an object out of the pod, turning around 180 degrees, taking 10 steps and setting it down, we've got to load up a dolly, secure everything, and walk 111 steps to another garage, unload the dolly, and walk back to the pod. BLECCH. even though we planned all the details to make it as easy as possible, the management screwed things up for us by not keeping accurate books. (btw, since you're thinking, DUH, just move the pod... it's a giant container that's 8ft by 8ft by 16ft, and it's full [FULL!] of all of our worldly posessions. you have to have the big machine to move it. it costs $400 for them to come out and move it. PHOOEY. OK, enough bitching. :-)

I also met a Murfreesboro twitter-friend, Kristen, for a frozen custard at Ritter's, (which is dangerously close to my apartment). Turns out, Kristen lives off the same road as I do, `just about a mile past my apartment complex. We were chatting for almost 2 hours before either of us noticed the time! She's fun, and I look forward to hanging out with her more often.

Today I learned: Don't base your plans on the promises of others. If we'd insisted on getting the remote in our hands the day before the pod was to arrive. we'd have known that the garage promised wasn't the garage we'd get, and we wouldn't have to keep walking those 222 steps for each load of stuff.

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