Land ho!

Kelly and I looked at two pieces of property yesterday. The first looked very promising, but the photographs were totally misleading. Plus, the listing said it had 10 acres of pasture, but we didn't see even one. The land was a mess, fallen trees blocking paths, and other paths so overgrown with weeds you could barely tell they were there. There was a mobile home onsite, and we knew it'd be a 'teardown', which is fine, but it was so mildewed and stinky you couldn't even breathe in there. The whole thing was a big letdown, especially since it looked absolutely great on paper.

The second spot that Bob the Realtor took us to (yes, Bob is yet another realtor) was much better. This place was gorgeous, and it fit nearly all the requirements we have. Lots of trees, both for privacy and for firewood, plenty of space to spread out the cottages, a nice homesite with a pretty view (tho, not as expansive as we'd like) a small spring-fed pond on the property, We learned some of the history of that plot from Bob, too, which gives us an idea about how we might negotiate the price.

It's hard to explain, but it's still not quite right. The place has a LOT of potential, but it's probably going to need a lot of money put into it before we could even begin building. There's no driveway, just a gigantic, bumpy slope of open space, and we'd have to drop a whole lot of gravel on it. We'd also have to run water and electricity from the street, all underground, and all uphill. Other than the steep slope, i'd say it's just about perfect... but it's only the 2nd day we'd set out and looked at property in person, so it's even harder to say, YES, this will do.

This is the biggest decision we've ever made together, and truly, when it comes to putting money down on some property, we're only going to get one chance to make the right choice.

Today I learned: I made some French bread from scratch. Even thought the bread dough looked like a sticky batter, and I thought I'd botched it, I tinkered with it, and it turned out to be some pretty good bread.

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Julia said...

I was thinking about you two and then remembered I could read your blog. Thanks for keeping it up soe we can keep up to date on our new country friends. Can't wait to see pictures when you find your little piece of heaven.