Waiting for the POD

We have three weeks before we leave for Tennessee. The POD will arrive in a week. We have a lot of stuff that is not going to take the trip with us. And it is really difficult to get started with packing because it is difficult to know exactly how much stuff is going to fit into the POD. We'll be getting the largest POD they offer, as it is the only size they will ship long distance, anyway (16'x8'x8').

JoAnna has a whole lot of stuff for her work that we store in the garage on shelves. Most of that is going. We also have a refrigerator, a chest freezer, and a dishwasher that are going in the POD. Everything from our kitchen will go. Our Select Comfort bed is going. The majority of JoAnna's office will be going. That pretty much makes up the bulk of the "must haves" stuff. So, any open space that remains in the POD will be filled with the rest of our belongings.

As it stands, we don't know if many of our items are going to make the cut, so it makes it really hard to organize and start packing.

Today is Sept 6.
We have a carpet cleaning company due on Sept 8.
Our landlord's inspection is on Sept. 11
So, we want to clear out as much stuff from the house as we can now, but where do we put it all? The back yard is starting to look like we were evicted.

Today I learned: This bread is really good!

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