POD loading - Day 3

It's Monday, my first official day of being unemployed. The loading of the POD has been proceeding, though somewhat slower than I wish. So far, I have been focusing on moving JoAnna's catering equipment from the garage. There is a lot of stuff, and most of it is either fragile or needs care to avoid scratching it. A lot of it is loose or loosely packed, so it requires nesting and careful placement in the POD. Tonight, I need to work up a priority list of the remaining items to make sure the things we need get in the POD. It is really difficult to organize the transfer of what seems like hundreds of boxes when they are scattered around the house - inside and out.

The physical work is challenging. When I was much younger, I could do work like this all day, every day and not really feel it. After 19 years of sitting behind a desk pressing buttons, it'll take some time to build strength. The worst part of it is not the aches and pains, or the exhausted feeling (no thanks to the 97 degrees F today), but it's the slow progress that is depressing. I wanted to have this done in 3 days, but it is looking like it will take 6 or 7. I just hope a City of Glendale employee doesn't show up asking if we have our permit to have a POD on the street. Cause we don't. I'm sure the city requires permits to keep people from keeping a giant storage box on the street in front of their house indefinitely, but that won't be the case with us. Once it's full it's off to Sylmar, CA for a brief stay, followed by a trip to Tennessee.

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